7th September 2014


Last night, the Hostal Alba and the era at Los Albaricoques hosted a screening of For a Few Dollars More (La Muerte Tenia Un Precio) to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Fistful of Dollars.

Among those attending were members of the newly formed Almeria Western Club.

Many thanks to Manuel, proprietor of Hostal Alba, for his dedication to the preservation of Los Albaricoques' film heritage and his determination to make these events happen. 


26th July 2014


OASYS/Mini Hollywood presented a free open air screening of The Good The Bad and The Ugly in the main square of the film set. The evening was a tribute to the late, great Eli Wallach. 


November 2013

Big time film making is back in Almeria!

Ridley Scott, Christian Bale and others (including 2000 local extras) are here to make 'Exodus'. Many familiar locations will feature and film sets have sprung up .....

For example, below Los Banos de Alhamilla and in Rambla Buho (scene of the tank battle in 'Patton').

December 12th 2012

More bad news amigos .....

The taverna (For a Few Dollars More) is feeling the effects of November storms. The roof has finally collapsed and the walls look likely to go soon.

Also there is concern about Castillo de Los Alumbres (Rodalquilar) whose interior structure is said to be deteriorating badly despite the building's supposed protected status.

Friday 13th April 2012

Eduardo Fajardo is honoured with the first star in the proposed "Paseo de Estrellas" near the Teatro Cervantes..

The Mayor and local dignitaries were out in force as the great man was serenaded in the Paseo de Almeria. 




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Friday 16th March 2012

Now it's Rambla Indalecio ......

"Groggy - the telegraph wires ....."
Well, soon it'll be the HT cables. The march of the pylons from the GBU opening scene continues to Rambla Indalecio. 
The view from the adjacent Indiana Jones scene (Jones Snr and Sullah shelter behind the rocks as the car is blown up) shows the first arrival.



Looking the other way, from Indio's position you can just make out the line of new pylons (heading towards crest of hill opposite, on right) - it looks as though the power lines will over-sail the rambla at this point.   

Further down the rambla, the Fistful of Dollars (Rojos galloping to the small house) scene welcomes a new feature.

Tuesday 6th March

Coming shortly - more news from Cortijo del Fraile.

Monday 17th October

A sad sight at Cortijo del Fraile. All is now enclosed by security fencing thereby ending access to one of our greatest treasures. There is no sign of any progress on funding urgently needed work to stabilise key sections of the building.

It gets worse.

Footings are in place and materials on site for the construction of electricity pylons  within about 50 metres of the GBU opening scene.

Saturday 6th August 2011

Almeria Western Film Festival ............ September 8th-11th 2011


We urge everyone who can to support this ambitious plan to stage an annual celebration of 'the western' in Tabernas. The first festival, to be held next month, will be showing over 2 dozen films with expert commentary/analysis. There'll be music, exhibitions, can-can, stunt displays and much more. Check out the website and ride into town for what should be a great event and, we hope, the first of many more to come.



Tuesday 14th June 2011

Las Salinas Church, Cabo de Gata (the backdrop to Montgomery's Field HQ in Patton) is now benefiting from total refurbishment. 

Some time ago Onda Cero radio station did a broadcast about the church. Tomorrow, they are visiting Cortijo del Fraile for the same purpose. The Save Fraile campaign group will be out in force!

Thursday 9th June 2011

A Brief History of Film-making in Almeria

This is a short article from Tuco Tours on the film industry in Almeria.



Monday 6th June 2011

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo location at Llano del Duque

This is a complex story of revenge and the hunt for a missing woman. The missing woman is finally tracked down in the Australian outback. In the film, the unmistakable profile of Alfaro (below) appears but it is flipped (as below right). No doubt the familiarity of Alfaro to SW fans required a little trickery to try and disguise the location.

Monday 6th June 2011

Duck You Sucker Bridge

The bridge has suffered badly in the winter storms and much of what remains may not be with us for too long. 

February 24th 2011

News of Cortijo del Fraile

The Junta de Andalucia has this week declared the buildings a site of special historical/cultural interest. In theory, this places obligations on the owners to conserve the property. The authorities can require works to be carried out. Also, as a last resort, the authorities have power to acquire the property compulsorily.

Casa del Cine

The museum in Casa Romero has opened! It has interesting holographic displays depicting the history of the building, exhibitions relating to the films made here in the 60s and 70s (and the characters associated with them) and a special room about John Lennon who is said to have written Strawberry Fields in the house. 

The visit to the museum is a guided tour (about 1.5 hours; the cost is 1.5 euros) and by reservation only. At the moment, there are English language tours on Sundays at 17.30. 

February 14th 2011

Despite the recession, some of the major public buildings in the City are being restored.

On the left is the Plaza Vieja, seen in films such as A Bullet for the General, where the refurbishment is about half complete and includes a hotel, 'arab baths' and a new restaurant.

On the right, the Cable Ingles has just been fenced off for the first phase of renewal work.

October 4th 2010

Two interesting buildings in the City have been superbly restored but remain unoccupied. 

On the left - Casa Fischer - seen in Patton as Allied HQ, Algiers, and intended for occupation as public sector offices.

On the right - Casa Romero - famously the temporary home of John Lennon where he is said to have written Strawberry Fields while filming How I Won the War. The building has been lavishly extended to house Almeria's museum of cinema but has remained empty for nearly a year, the project having apparently ground to a halt.

No further news on Cortijo del Fraile. In our view, the priority is simply  to stabilise the building - over ambitious expectations may only delay the urgent intervention needed.

April 22nd 2010

Bad news 1
The pits at the sugar factory in Guadix (DYS massacre scene) have gone, dug out and lost for ever under a building site.

Bad news 2
The church at Turillas (Indio's hideout) has a new Priest. He allows access only by prior appointment/permission and does not permit photography. ******* !

Possible better news
The plinth holding up a statue of St Anthony in the Hermita at Turillas is reported to have been rescued from the old church
. It may be the only piece of religious iconography remaining from Indio's occupation (possibly under the cherubic statue to the right as you look down the nave). See right.

March 12th 2010

The 'Salvemos Cortijo del Fraile' campaign hosted a round table discussion last night in the city of Almeria. It was attended by local politicians, artists, actors, academics ... and an audience of about 150 people including, of course, Tuco Tours. There was live music and a photography exhibition whose message compared the suffering of the cortijo to the suffering of Christ. Heavy stuff. But after the politicos had wittered around the subject for an hour or more, the evening finally came to the point thanks to our friend Manuel (Hostal Alba) who demanded an end to the talking and vacuous promises. What is needed now is action.
We shall see.

February 2010

Save  Cortijo del Fraile 

Following a campaign started on Facebook, hundreds of people gathered at the beautiful, but derelict, Cortijo del Fraile on Sunday 31st January to protest about its condition and to petition local and/or central Government to step in and save this iconic building. 

The Cortijo was seen, of course, in GBU (exterior of the Mission) and was extensively used (externally and internally) in FFDM. Other famous film moments include Klaus Kinsky playing the Mad Monk, hurling grenades at the Mexican army (Bullet for the General).  It was the real life location of the early 20th century family tragedy which became the subject of Federico Garcia Lorca’s play Boda de Sangre (Blood Wedding)

The Andalusian Minister for Culture, Rosa Torres, has stated that it will be designated a BIC (site of cultural interest) but campaigners want action before the building falls down completely. The bell tower is leaning precariously and urgent work is needed to stabilise this and other parts of the structure.

A much bigger event is planned for June. Watch this space.

10th December 2009

New street names for Los Albaricoques celebrate its connection with Spaghetti Westerns.

Edouardo Fajardo  unveils a street nameplate in Los Albaricoques.

Edouardo with Manuel of the Hostal Alba

10th December 2009

Tribute to Ernest Borgnine in Almeria.

Ernest Borgnine was honoured at the Almeria Short Film Festival (Almeria en Corto) for his contribution to cinema in general and to film making in Almeria.

The evening began with a screening of Hannie Caulder.




"Ernie" receiving his award

To mark the occasion, Tuco Tours set off on a little light location hunting and had an interesting result - Hannie Caulder's house turned out to be two different buildings about 150 metres apart in Rambla Buho.

Site of Hannie Caulder's house (before fire)

Ruins of Hannie Caulder's house (after fire)
The world famous Rolling Roadshow from the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema, Austin, Texas specialises in showing famous films in their own locations.  In June 2008, the Roadshow came to Almeria for a celebration of Sergio Leone and to screen a Dollars Trilogy special.

We express our thanks to Tim and Karrie League, owners of the Alamo Drafthouse, for their vision, determination and professionalism in making this happen and bringing so much pleasure to all who were lucky enough to attend.






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